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Thursday, April 4, 2024

April, comes she will

 Spring has sprung, and the weather is still cold and wet. However, this past weekend was a blast. Sunny warm and beautiful. The Easter bunny hid eggs (not painted rocks, mind you) all around the town square in Sebastopol. Sales were good that day, the group onstage played Hawaiian music that kept all the visitors in a mellow mood. Kids ran around with their baskets collecting a bounty of eggs that were hid everywhere. Unfortunately, a few little kids missed out when the bigger kids made a clean sweep of them all. 

A few egg-shaped painted rocks were kept around in the hopes that a parent would come by and get one of these for their youngster. I have this spinning "roulette" rock  ( kind of like a dradle ) that gets spun around with an indicator painted on it, that if it ends up pointing directly at an orange dot, that lucky person wins the Easter egg rock.

A nice lady gave it a spin and won, and was so pleased that she ended up purchasing another rock for someone else. 

On another note, it is said that another eclipse will be happening this coming Monday. I've learned that we won't be able to observe a suitable view of it here in Northern California, but the people in Texas will get the full show. More to be revealled.

This week has been busy, because for every rock that was sold last week, a new one will take it's place. So, back to work! 

Below is this week's Rock of the week... naturally, it's an Easter egg rock that will not rot or hatch.

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