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Monday, May 20, 2024

Living a day at a time

    At times I tend to get ahead of myself. With the advent of the Internet, time gets corralled and it is easy to get distracted , even when following up on a simple task. The iPhone has proven to be a powerful device. It has changed everyone's life for better and for worse.

    However, this blog is not about that. The progress I've made as an artist has grown. Yesterday, I got involved with a paper marbleling class at our local Art Center. It was a wonderful diversion.Learning a new process has kept me engaged creatively in another medium besides acrylics and rocks.

    The process of making and manifesting pleasing outcomes involves following ones intuition in my opinion.Taking a moment (yes, this moment) Instead of future tripping or dwelling on the past, has lead me in unknown directions and adventurous episodes, both in my studio and out in society. 

    Peaks and valleys during the creative process will always arrive in unexpected ways, both having and intrinsic value all their own.Trying to burrow myself out of frustration doesn't work for me. Especially when I find myself paralyzed before attempting another project.Going into acceptance mode does.Trying too hard to control the situation at hand is usually fruitless.Calling someone, going for a bike ride, visiting a museum or whatever; will free things up considerably. 

    In other words, chosing my valleys just as they are, and doing what is next ( and not putting it off ) has helped.When I lay my head on the pillow at night, it can be said that at least an attempt has been made in allowing a solution to be revealed.Sometimes it is just a matter of staying patient and putting things off until later... sometimes not.

    If all of this sounds like sage advice, it is what just what has worked for me. In no way do I speak for others in their quest for excellence, or even mere survival. Just keep on creating and feed your soul. Like the Nike commercial used to say, " Just do it!"

Below is this weeks "Rock of the week" 
( and a sample from the paper marbeling class I took )

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