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Monday, May 6, 2024


 Today it looks like the resin coatings on the rocks are behaving. No air bubbles, no overpours and nice hard, dry results. These rocks can be put outside without a worry about the colors fading. They can even be put inside an aquarium without hurting the fish.

 Occasionally I use a clear-coat called TRIPLE THICK™ which is fine for a quick, shiny and long lasting coat, however, UV resin still works the best. The only down side perhaps is a yellowing over time, but that is more a concern with larger works of art.

    The pendants and keychains have been a profitable sale lately. The pendants are fun conversation pieces, and the keychains are kewl eye catchers when hanging from a backpack, or even when used to hang a set of house keys that are sometimes hard to find when fishing around for them in your purse. Usefulness is the key word here (always fun to add a pun).

    Like the gift rocks that they are, these are heirlooms are eventually meant to be passed on over the years. It is this artist's hope that you are inspired to have them as a keepsake and an item that brings you joy.

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