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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Valentine's Day 2022

 Maybe "Groundhog Day" should be given more prominence than Valentine's Day this year. After all, the news seems to be the same. The weather here also seems to be about the same ( at least here in California ... i.e. continued draught ) and the news protocol for the masses has been all about the Covid 19 pandemic. Enough about that. Let's talk painted rocks.

Personally, I do enjoy spending my time painting rocks for the upcoming Farmer's Market every weekend. I alternate my participation in both the Calistoga and the Sebastopol markets, but this is another story. The thing that has occupied my attention lately is the materials and processes discovered in making an appearance upgrade to the recent stones.

Aside from resin casting for a more permanent protective clear coat, I've incorporated the use of a one-step craquelure that gives the rocks a very spontaneous, antique look that makes for an intriguing finish. I still use a border of glow paint as is my usual signature style, but this process has me very interested in future projects. Below is the rock of the month which is a pendant I created through the use of an old watercolor that was shrunk and adhered to a pan base.

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