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Friday, October 2, 2020

An exercise in futility?

  I’ve thought in the past that I would “Give away” my painted rocks if I thought that I could sustain myself by doing something of the sort. That idea now seems ludicrous. This has been a wonderful creative pursuit for me. I have been devoting myself to this craft for almost eleven years ( check and review the start of my blogposts below to the right ) and it has taken me beyond anything imagined .The idea of an “Art Career “ was showing some framed pieces in some art gallery in the hopes of finding a patron.

  This narrow vision was always rather conflicted , because it seemed to limit my ability to earn a living. I have had to give up plenty in terms of time and money in order to actually ENJOY a truly creative pursuit. Now, anyone with a sense of adventure can jump into an activity that is currently “All the rage” by grabbing a few supplies and getting started.

 I will never look back again with any sense of regret. Neither should you if you enjoy what you do. Life is too short to not express your idea of beauty

 Rock painting has been a gift whether these get sold or not. I will always be grateful to give them to people who will treasure them as an heirloom. This is my prerogative. I don’t put pearls before swine, thank you.

  Now with the world of 2020 in such a state of chaos, It is a godsend to find more time inside our personal space to do something we love.

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