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Friday, September 7, 2018

The Rock of the Week

This week's Rock is a continuation of a popular Mandala motif. As a sporadic meditator, holding a "Spirit Rock" can be useful in bringing about a sense of focus and stillness. The weight, shape, and texture of any rock are valuable features for this purpose. Sometimes, covering the rock with a scented oil may add to an awakening of the senses.

Last week, I went and purchased an aluminum ladder so that I can climb up on my roof to meditate after nightfall. The evenings have been pleasant and not too warm or cool this time of the year. Having a place and time to further this practice is important to me now. My hope is that others will find a way to creatively enhance what they know will bring about peace, joy, and serenity.

Surrounding myself with beauty and appreciation is one of the ways that I hope to achieve this. Anyone can attain these objectives if they follow the calling of their higher purpose. The determination of having a solid work ethic are not always necessary tools when maintaining the quality of beauty in your environment.

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