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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Hidden Sun

This week's rock is a particularly round one that I painted black and indigo, to showcase the Total Solar Eclipse which was only going to be a partial eclipse where I live in Calistoga.The day began with a large cup of coffee to prepare me for a hike up the Oat Hill Mine Trail.I left home around 8 am and reached a high point above the Napa Valley around 8:45 am dripping with sweat and out of breath.No one else was around as I nestled myself lying flat on my back between two rocks that propped me up on a slight incline facing east. The sky was completely overcast and socked in with a fog that ultimately lasted way past noon.

My friend Eric texted me from Baker City,Oregon where lots of people were waiting in excited anticipation.I waited for something significant, but it just seemed to get a little colder and a slight bit darker.Gradually, I left this spot to head back down the mountain. Before proceeding down I left a little commemoration of the event wedged between the rocks for someone to find before the next Total eclipse occurs in this area.

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