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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Rock of the Week

This week's rock is one that is an experiment using some paint pens that I found in an art store. These are florescent pens that I can use for detail and pointillistic designs. I enjoy the rainbow effect that has been created here and am equally impressed with this rock under a blacklight. It is stunning!

Many times a blacklight has been recommended for people to view the rocks, because florescent paint will not glow in the dark. Phosphorescent paint will.Both are used for a specific effect. Florescent paint is very bright and almost appears radioactive under a blacklight.These painted rocks are best seen that way, mainly because one will still be able to appreciate the overall enhanced color.It is incidental that parts of the rock will continue to glow after the lights ( be they blacklight or incandescent) have been turned off.

The medium I choose is meant to enhance the overall design under three or four completely separate states... Natural light, Black light, Phosphorescent emitted light and blacklight with 3-D glasses.

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