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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lights on … Lights off

Lately it has been a lot of fun creating art and building a business.Today, I went to Santa Rosa to purchase two large frames and an easel.I went to Michael’s store, Office Depot and Riley Street to get everything I needed.The game plan is to frame the images you see here (which are also poster size … 18X24”) and put them on display next to my table of rocks.

The idea is to see what these rocks will look like both in the dark, and in the light of day.Many people pass by my booth without the slightest clue as to the best feature of these rocks, which is that they GLOW IN THE DARK.

Naturally, you have to hold them under a light for a minute to absorb the light before you are able to enjoy their luminescent properties.

The wonderful thing is that they do continue to glow for an extended period.

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