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Friday, June 1, 2012

All work, seeking play

Although I only am selling rocks at two events a week, this has been a huge undertaking. I am not soliciting any sympathy however,because I truly enjoy what I do.Correction… Aspects of what I do. I sell, promote, create, distribute and catalog almost every rock that I paint.This blog has been a documentary of the progress I have made from the beginning almost two years ago.( Please scroll down and check the archives on the right that date back to 2010).I think what I need is a wealthy patron, so that I can just paint and go to the Farmer’s Market(s). Perhaps too, a bookkeeper and someone who can assist me in managing my time.

Don’t take the preceding paragraph too seriously.I don’t,because it is very difficult for me to let go of having and sense of control.It is not easy letting go.

Today I painted all of three rocks where I spent an hour on each one. This is just not good business sense unless I intend to sell those rocks at a minimum of forty dollars each. No two rocks are ever the same, really. They sort of remind me of snowflakes in that regard.

Creativity requires that I start with nothing and I don’t believe that this constitutes any effort,really! If what I do is enjoyable the creativity flows… call this abundant living. Making an effort is a far different animal. All work and no play can and will make Jack a very dull boy, indeed! (just see Nicholson’s performance in the movie “The Shining” if you have any doubts).

My sister seems to think that I am opposed to working.Nothing could be further from the truth.I respect work that fosters a sense of contribution to a greater good, but work for work's sake is just a dead end that degenerates.I love creating/working at something I enjoy, and this can take many forms. Organizing a desk drawer can be a highly creative act, and I fully consider this as time well spent.

Volunteering is another form of work that is great, if one can continue to support oneself while doing this. This only part of the equation of achieving balance in an unbalanced lifestyle, however. We all need to be achieving some sort of goal that will make a difference in the world, and no contribution is too small.

Doing nothing has it’s place though too, but only if you believe in a Higher Power.The answers will come if your own house is in order. Geez, how did I get started on this… I need a break.This blog is starting to feel like work !

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