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Monday, November 7, 2011

Personal Mastery

Let me start with Wednesday... I drove my white Potato car into St. Helena in hopes that I would still be able to squeeze a few more miles out of what any mechanic would describe as a failing transmission.Smoke started to emerge from under the hood as the car barely made it into the town of St. Helena. I parked by a Middle School and immediately called The Polly Klass foundation to donate the vehicle.

After arranging a pickup, I locked the car up, and walked from there to the credit union about a quarter of a mile away. Arriving there, I walked up to the teller and requested a loan application. I filled it out and after submitting it to the bank officer, I proceeded out the door and down the block to the Zumalt dealership to purchase a 2010 Ford Focus. Incredibly, I was able to drive the car off the lot that night and now had transportation to get to a Personal Mastery workshop in Novato the next evening.

Bob and Linda Kranzke have been friends ever since I met them years ago in San Francisco, while attending personal growth workshops at Creative Communication Experiences (CCE). Bob graciously invited me to attend this Personal Mastery Intensive, and let me spend the nights at his home for the duration of the workshop.

The workshop itself was fantastic, as many areas of “How I live my life" were addressed. The synchronicity of events leading up to this past weekend were uncanny. I made many new friends and was able to identify myself as a "Rock Artist” for the first time. Interesting how things come together.

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