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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Strength in Vulnerability

The Rock below is another Dazzler insofar as it is sending my artwork in a different direction. Black has always offered a nice contrast to whatever color or figure I place in front. In this case, the feather seemed fitting, as I knew it would be fairly easy to place the image on practically any stone. 

The glow as always, is an added feature. The other thing that filled the whole motif is the starry background. Perhaps I was "Guilding the Lilly" as it may appear, but I did want to add another dimension to the whole motif.

I like the color black because it draws the eye in, and gives it a place to rest. It is also makes a powerful statement. This is also why I find the image of a feather complimentary, because it seems to express the opposite... vulnerability and fragility.

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