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Monday, December 19, 2022

The Bling or the Glow

 Sometimes I don't know. Which has more prominence ? These are considerations for every rock I paint. The bling usually includes glitter which I try to use sparingly. Yes, it is an embellishment. Glitter is bling, and what attracts attention during daylight.This bling factor can be an annoying though, if applied haphazardly.

The Glow paint on the other hand, can be difficult when applied unsparingly and against a color that don't offer much contrast. It is meant to be a surprise effect and a step in exploring other hidden features. Glowing puff paint can usually be appreciated only after it's been activated. Therefore, this feature has to have prominence in the dark. Invisible ink is used occasionally to showcase designs and figures that will only appear under a UV light.

A rock has three dimensions that are apparent. Hardened Puff paint on top of the rock will contribute this dimensionality. Adding de'coupage of a paper sample, or iridescent cutout may seem like mere decoration (which it is) but may still contribute to the overall gestalt of the piece.

Bobbles are something I may use to make a keychain, cairn, or pendant appear ornamental. These may have some foil reflection element glued to the back to make the bobble appear jewel like.

Below is are examples of that.

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