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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dog days and clear coating

     Usually, when we think of "Dog Days" it usually means those days where we are slogging our way through certain tasks and running at half speed... if even. These are to be expected from time to time. This has been one of those days. It has been challenging to keep up with the inventory and still produce commissioned pieces for those that want a personalized gift rock for someone special. 

    The decoupage work employed in making a rock like this involves a process. The first step is made by printing out a .jpg onto glossy, sticky-back photo paper and then cutting it to size to fit on a rock. An archival varnish is sprayed on top of the image to preserve the color and left to dry.

    Next, Clear coating the rock can be a bit troublesome if the viscous material seeps under the pasted image and bleeds through. The whole process has to begin again if this happens. Two types of coats can be used in the final preparation of the rock. One of those types is called Triple thick™, which is not bad for something that dries quickly. 

    Resin on the other hand is best but can be a rather touchy beast. Getting this type of coat to stay on the rock is one thing ( mask and latex gloves are essential here ). The other delicate feature is to prevent drip-over and air bubbles that can form after pouring the one-step resin used in this process. No mixing is required.

    After a brief stint under a large UV blacklight, the rock is then set to dry again outside. The finish looks fabulous if done right. The double-sided rock below is one such specimen. 

    The first side is of a daffodil, which was painted entirely by hand even though you don't see the template photo which was attached to the rock. The second pic is on the other side of the same rock featuring a lady and her pet dog. This was the side that gave me a lot of trouble. The resin, the clearcoat, the puff paint, it was all very messy until it finally passed inspection.     Phew!


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