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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Back in the Zone

Well, I must say that it doesn't take long before I'm missing all my compadres at the Farmer's Markets. Some of them even said they missed me! With the winds and hot weather, the last thing one would want to do is sit outside (even under a tree) and sell hot rocks. The Seasoned tourists are back in town for the Crush, and the threat of fires still linger on when we have 95ยบ plus days to endure.

I have purchased a few new supplies like organza bags, metallic paints, printer ink, glitter, phosphorescent tubes, brushes, gel pens, keychain blacklights, hologram paper, et al. These items sure begin to add up, and it is a good thing that I have plenty in backstock, but the issue is not so much having an adequate amount of supplies... The issue is coming up with some compelling designs! Creativity and Motivation are big factors in the Spirit Rock realm.

Meditation has helped me stay focused in this area. Going to the Insight Meditation has helped me discover what it means to have equanimity. My attendance at these weekly groups on Tuesday evenings in Napa has been a wonderful activity that has been taking place weekly since after the fires occurred two years ago. Having a rock to hold is just one of the devices I use to anchor my attention when I attend these meditation events. When at home I put on my pair of Deepak Chopra Dreamweaver glasses which entrain my brain to an Alpha, Theta or Delta state. Immediately I drop into a suitable meditative "Zone". More about this next week. Here is this week's Rock of the Week, which is called the Pyramid stack.

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