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Monday, January 22, 2018

This Week's Rock of the Week

This week, I honestly haven't felt like painting rocks much.In a slump, you might say.When this happens, my modus operandi is to go out and purchase a bunch of new art supplies to get me motivated. This has not happened.Rocks have even been found, prepped and painted with a base coat, so they are ready for some kind of creative juice to render them beautiful.

Last Saturday was cold and even though the sun came out later, there was not much foot traffic.Usually, Calistoga is a destination for people from the city who come to wine country to get away, take to the waters, eat good food, drink fine wine, etc. January is not the month where they are beating a path to your door. My sales reflect this observation.

Your Spirit Rocks are talismans that bring about prosperity and abundance if used correctly.The rock becomes a focal point at which one can direct their attention during meditation.The affirmation sheet that comes with each rock is what I personally recommend as a guide to bring about good fortune.My best thoughts and prayers go along with those who use these positive affirmations to fulfill their dreams for the highest good of all concerned.

The Rock and the picture below are my efforts at bringing peace of mind and creativity back into my life.The rainbow picture was taken at Russian Gulch facing east,away from the beach.

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