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Friday, December 15, 2017

Exploring new directions

My sister and I visited the "After Dark" exhibit at the Exploratorium on the waterfront in San Francisco last week.After finding a parking place and getting through the line, we began viewing the exhibits. It was my intent to see the LED lighted sculptures, as well as any glow in the dark items that may be featured.We found an exhibit about Scorpions that showed how they glowed in the dark because of the luminosity of their exoskeletons.The backlight I had brought with me so impressed the exhibitor that she wanted to know how she could acquire one.They are called "Letmy™ UV Blacklight" and can be found on Amazon for around ten bucks.

Later, it occurred to me that there were far too many things to see in one evening so we departed after about two hours.The picture taken is of the sculpture outside the facility

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