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Monday, July 3, 2017

The Rock of the Week

This week's rock is a palm-sized stone that was painted with the Americana Acrylics™ and the glow in the dark Tulip™ squeeze bottle paint.The whole process usually takes about 15 mins to a half hour to complete (after each drying phase)

It is always best to clear-coat the finished piece with either a Krylon™ spray or some other high-gloss or medium varnish like the Golden™ or Liquitex™ brand coating.

This design was my own sinewy strand motif that is supposed to portray an underwater or plant like symbolism.


  1. Yes, it definitely looks like an underwater plant!

    1. Thanks for posting this comment. I rarely have been having anyone comment. Now I am paying closer attention to it since I have been accepting commissions ( See the upper right corner of the blog )