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Friday, January 30, 2015


It has been said that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.
This is what is known as a truism. In other words, it contains a grain of truth. The saying compels one to follow ones instinct, and trust not only what feeds your bliss but what others may have to offer about what they think your gift(s) are.

Art has always been an enjoyable exercise for me. As far back as I can recall, drawing and painting images on a variety of surfaces has been appealing because it usually produced a result I could be satisfied with; And surprising to me was that feeling of accomplishment. Later on, through discovery, experience and wisdom the wheat from the chaff began to divide. One could produce imagery that did not take much work to produce, and could render an absolutely stunning result. On the other hand, one could work slavishly and render a comparable result. The whole ordeal of art is about this process of compiling an outcome to produce and income, so as to produce more, better and different outcomes.

The beat goes on...

Painting rocks has rendered some stunning outcomes with a mix of ease and comfort. Some days I am not so lucky. These are the days when I count on both inspiration and perspiration. My academic training has paid off here because, I can do what others have done before me ( i.e. seek inspiring images, new mediums, methods and/or materials) Who would have thought that choosing a variety of surfaces, mediums and materials could be such a pleasing activity to further ones creative process. Below is this weeks rock of the week.

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