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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Wonderings

It is not even officially winter, but if the lemon trees have anything to say about it... it already is feeling like it. The Rock business is progressing and I am happy that a few of you have made some special orders for the Christmas Holidays. I am always happy to be painting and exercising my creative abilities.At times, it can be a little difficult, depending what I will be putting on the rock. Today, I tried my hand at a Poinsettia ( see below ) and was pleased with the results. I try to make it so that every rock I paint has something on it that will glow in the dark. I don't think I can really call it a Spirit Rock unless it does. This weekend I will be doing a show at the Black Stallion Winery on Saturday, Dec. 7th. If you are on the Silverado trail near Napa, stop by and enjoy the Holiday Arts and Crafts that will be shown.

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