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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Windy November

Today the sky was crystal clear and it was even calm out on the coast. The wind has picked up this evening and blew the tarp covering off my redwood deck. I suppose I will have to invest another eight bucks for a new one at ACE in the morning.That thing has lasted a whole year and has protected my privacy and has provided plenty of shade during the summer.Today it was very apparent that weather changes are on the move.

I was able to collect a whole big canvas bag full of rocks at Russian Gulch.After driving through Santa Rosa I stopped by Michaels Art store to pick up some paints and metallic stickers.It was good to take a drive and let things ride today. I am not feeling particularly creative today, so I should do other things to have the Spirit move me.The rock below is sort of a Buddhist Mandala in honor of my sister, Tara.

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